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18 October 2017TIO Annual Report
07 July 2017iiNet NBN Customers Named Most Satisfied by CHOICE


15 July 2015Tasmanian Government chooses iinet for Net services
2 July 2015iinet to deliver cloud services for SA Govt
7 April 2015iinet’s fight for customer’s rights v Dallas Buyers Club LLC
16 March 2015iinet holds on to OMD
03 March 2015iinet to flick on quota-free Netflix
12 February 2015iinet looks ahead with AllSeen Alliance partnership
28 January 2015Ronald McDonald House Charities forms community partnership with iinet
06 January 2015iinet offers assistance to customers affected by the Victorian bushfires
06 January 2015iinet offers assistance to customers affected by Adelaide Hills bushfires


21 December 2014iinet rejects any move to increase access chargeshtml
28 November 2014Fans win as Internode backs the 2015 Adelaide Fringe
6 November 2014iinet connects Santos Tour Down Under to the worldhtml
3 November 2014iinet to offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Australia on 7 Novhtml
29 October 2014iinet to build Australia's largest free WiFi network for Victoriahtml
29 October 2014iinet doubles nbn-speed network for Geelonghtml
23 October 2014iinet to offer iPhonehtml
23 October 2014Internode to offer iPhone
21 October 2014Internode presents WOMADelaide again in 2015
23 September 2014Internode tastes success in the Big Apple
15 September 2014iinet lets Floriade bloom online with CBRfree Wi-Fihtml
27 August 2014iinet provides missing Lync for small businesshtml
15 July 2014Internode gears up to make music at AVCon
25 June 2014Internode Wi-Fi sets Adelaide free
24 June 2014Data quotas boosted for 60,000+ ADSL customers
11 June 2014SA's first family of broadband welcomes nbn Fixed Wireless
29 May 2014iinet to build Australia's largest free Wi-Fi network in Canberrahtml
22 May 2014iinet: Most Aussies unaware of copper cut-offhtml
6 May 2014iinet gains further international plauditshtml
16 April 2014Important Internode security announcement: Heartbleed
15 April 2014iinet hits sports sponsorship for sixhtml
1 April 2014iinet’s Pet-Fi prank could be a keeperhtml
1 April 2014iinet unveils world first in Wi-Fi technologyhtml
27 March 2014Video hunger busts ‘big data’ barrier for iinethtml
26 March 2014Internode wows world with WOMADelaide
21 March 2014Michael Malone resigns as CEO and Board Directorhtml
25 February 2014Internode reveals 2014 WOMADelaide live streams
21 February 2014Internode wins third Roy Morgan Best Home ISP title
20 February 2014iinet delivers another record resulthtml - pdf
14 February 2014Internode brainwave powers music for Fringe
13 February 2014iinet assistance extended to all customers affected by bushfireshtml - pdf
13 February 2014Assistance extended to all Internode customers affected by bushfires
5 February 2014Cyber smarts - being safe onlinehtml - pdf
4 February 2014iinet's customer service is the best in the worldhtml - pdf
04 February 2014Secret Lab finds answer in Internode nbn
13 January 2014iinet offers customers Parkerville bushfire assistancehtml - pdf
13 January 2014Assistance for customers affected by WA bushfires
06 January 2014Internode wins real treasure from geek campaigns

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06 December 2013Tasmanian family celebrates faster nbn Wireless
25 November 2013iinet TV with Fetch. Anywhere. Anytime.html - pdf
19 November 2013Internode to live-stream Gorgeous John Butler Trio
18 November 2013iinet withdraws nbn satellite plans from salehtml - pdf
18 November 2013iinet loves homeworkhtml - pdf
30 October 2013iinet is prepared 4 battlehtml - pdf
29 October 2013nbn extends reach for Willunga Farmers Market
28 October 2013Internode wins customer award from Canstar Blue
23 October 2013Sirens ring for Internode's Klingon geek chic
22 October 2013iinet offers assistance for customers affected by the NSW bushfireshtml - pdf
8 October 2013iinet makes getting chatty easier than everhtml - pdf
24 September 2013Internode tops Roy Morgan ISP poll again with 91%
24 September 2013Quotas boosted for ADSL plans and Data Blocks
28 August 2013iinet withdraws 20GB satellite planhtml - pdf
24 August 2013Internode sponsors Adelaide Fringe with free city-wide WiFi
21 August 2013iinet delivers another record result and generates strong shareholder returnshtml - pdf
19 August 2013iinet unveils Jivahtml - pdf
10 August 2013Internode doubles free WiFi for WOMADelaide in 2014
7 August 2013Internode to double free Adelaide WiFi
05 August 2013Record high customer satisfaction gives iinet plenty to celebratehtml - pdf
05 August 2013iinet to acquire Adam Internet html - pdf
31 July 2013Fetch TV updated with new packages and channels
19 July 2013ACOMM award win adds to Internode's IPv6 success
16 July 2013Internode launches 4G NodeMobile plans
12 July 2013iinet salutes Mike Quigleyhtml - pdf
11 July 2013iinet TV with Fetch gets a facelifthtml - pdf
10 July 2013IPv6 leadership keeps Internet alive for auDA
8 July 2013Internode embraces AVCon with Klingon campaign
2 July 2013Internode sponsors next generation of entrepreneurs
27 June 2013Internode boosts data quotas for popular plans
24 June 2013iinet ready to roll as the nbn arrives in Perthhtml - pdf
12 June 2013Dial up the business savings with Biz Bundles
6 June 2013West is best as iinet appoints Meerkatshtml - pdf
5 June 2013IPv6 use tops 10% of Internode customers
6 June 2013 iinet introduces speedy 4G mobile for all. Hooray!html - pdf
3 June 2013Internode takes techii team national
28 May 2013Budii™ up with SmartLife™html - pdf
16 May 2013Internode adds Samsung GALAXY S 4 to NodeMobile
15 May 2013iinet boosts business flexibility with new 4G mobile fleet plans html - pdf
16 April 2013More mobile choices for iinet customershtml - pdf
11 April 2013Internode scores customer satisfaction hat trick
2 April 2013You've got mail - iinet launches Hosted Exchange email servicehtml - pdf
9 April 2013Internode launches new NodeMobile handsets
22 March 2013iinet TV with Fetch bonds with ESPN sports lovers html - pdf
19 March 2013iinet speeds up 10,000 on the nbnhtml - pdf
26 February 2013iinet's smart new Budii™
26 February 2013Internode unveils fetching new-look set top boxes
25 February 2013iinet TV with Fetch unveils fetching new-look STBshtml - pdf
22 February 2013Roy Morgan again names Internode Best Home ISP
21 February 2013iinet collects Roy Morgan customer kudoshtml - pdf
20 February 2013iinet kicks goals on the nbnhtml - pdf
13 February 2013iinet bundles nbn for business html - pdf
5 February 2013See Jimmy Cliff and The Cat Empire live from WOMAD 2013
31 January 2013iinet techii team's takin' IT to the streets of Brisbanehtml - pdf
24 January 2013Internode hosts 'Red Dwarf' star visit to Adelaide
23 January 2013iinet nets WWW inventor Tim Berners-Leehtml - pdf
16 January 2013Internode launches free Fringe Favourites
8 January 2013iinet announces relief assistance for customers affected by Tasmanian bushfireshtml - pdf


31 December 2012Internode welcomes 2013 with free WiFi at Glenelg
12 December 2012Bundle discount extended to 2800 exchanges
5 December 2012iinet first to multicast IPTV over the nbnhtml - pdf
27 November 2012iinet moves into first place for Fibrehtml - pdf
23 November 2012Internode cuts call costs with new nbn voice service
21 November 2012Gorgeous Missy Higgins to be streamed Oz-Wide
20 November 2012Internode means business with NodeMobile
16 November 2012iinet's Fast 50 finishhtml - pdf
16 November 2012iinet speeds up Victoriahtml - pdf
16 November 2012$99 multi-product Combo offers launched
15 November 2012Internode improves Easy Reach broadband plans
14 November 2012iinet opens up Fetch TV for the digital homehtml - pdf
13 November 2012iinet partners with Gameservers.com to host Australia's only Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC servershtml - pdf
12 November 2012Homework pays off for iinethtml - pdf
7 November 2012iinet gets down to business on the nbnhtml - pdf
6 November 2012Internode gets Naked with Eve
5 November 2012NodeMobile Summer sales blitz launched
31 October 2012Internode sponsors Fringe with free WiFi for 2013
26 October 2012iinet appoints West Australian agencyhtml - pdf
25 October 2012Make yourself at home at iinethtml - pdf
24 October 2012Internode unleashes SA bid to woo new customers
18 October 2012IPv6 use tops 5% of Internode customers
16 October 2012Perth Arena announces founding partnership with iinethtml - pdf
17 October 2012Internode presents WOMADelaide for 2013
11 October 2012Internode wins ANZ Internet Award for IPv6
9 October 2012iinet opens new broadband front with 4G launchhtml - pdf
9 October 2012iinet 4G launch boosts customer choicehtml - pdf
6 October 2012iinet signs three year partnership agreement with the Hawkshtml - pdf
4 October 2012iinet bares all with new Naked Value planhtml - pdf
3 October 2012iinet streams 2012 Mildura Country Awardshtml - pdf
24 September 2012iinet revels in a 'Life Upgraded' with new brand campaignhtml - pdf
20 September 2012Internode unleashes $60 NodeMobile plan
17 September 2012iinet Group seals the deal on 4G wireless broadbandhtml - pdf
12 September 2012iinet connects first fixed wireless nbn customer in WAhtml - pdf
10 September 2012Internode hooks up first nbn household in Adelaide
15 August 2012iinet shakes things up with mix and match mobilehtml - pdf
14 August 2012Internode launches social media-friendly NodeMobile
9 August 2012Internode launches fab fibre plans on Telstra turf
8 August 2012Willunga High uses Internode's reach to teach
31 July 2012Satisfy me: iinet's happy business customershtml - pdf
27 July 2012Internode gets a nod for innovation
26 July 201219,000 fantasy fans bound for Adelaide this weekend
26 July 2012Internode doubles Naked service
16 July 2012Games.on.net relaunches better than everhtml - pdf
16 July 2012Games.on.net relaunches better than ever
6 July 2012iinet bundles more joy into its Combohtml - pdf
19 June 2012Internode named principal sponsor for AVCon 2012
7 June 2012iinet tackles the hassle of tax timehtml - pdf
5 June 2012Internode doubles IPv6 goal number by Launch Day
28 May 2012Simon Hackett steps up to join iinet Boardhtml - pdf
16 May 2012Games.on.net and 3FL to mergehtml - pdf
10 May 2012Australia's Top Geek 2.0 is crownedhtml - pdf
03 May 2012Perth prepares for geeky overloadhtml - pdf
01 May 2012Kittycam sets new adoption records at Cat Havenhtml - pdf
1 May 2012240 exchanges added to Easy Broadband ADSL2+
20 April 2012iinet wins landmark copyright casehtml - pdf
03 April 2012iinet pumps up its fetchtv service html - pdf
02 April 2012iinet delivers a hat-trick on the nbnhtml - pdf
2 April 2012Internode turns on nbn Wireless in Armidale
29 March 2012iinet shows support for nbn rollouthtml - pdf
29 March 2012The day love came to the shoot-em-up online world
28 March 2012Roadblock removed for BigPond refugees
26 March 2012Internode and iinet share unmetered content
19 March 2012iinet introduces downsized downtimehtml - pdf
15 March 2012iinet packs freedom and flexibility into its planshtml - pdf
15 March 2012Internode restores 200GB plan due to popular demand
8 March 2012iinet Group announces relief options for customers affected by NSW floodshtml - pdf
8 March 2012iinet Group offers relief to customers in NSW floods
7 March 2012Roy Morgan dubs Internode best Home ISP of year
5 March 2012iinet gets smart with mobile phone safety and securityhtml - pdf
1 March 2012iinet's satellite plan takes the nbn sky highhtml - pdf
1 March 2012New ADSL2+ plans: Lower costs, more data
15 Feb 2012iinet's superfast broadband expansion launches in Darwinhtml - pdf
15 February 2012Internode delivers Easy Broadband to Darwin
13 Feb 2012iinet's superfast broadband brings competition to Darwinhtml - pdf
13 Feb 2012iinet's superfast broadband brings competition to Regional Queenslandhtml - pdf
9 February 2012Internode tops Roy Morgan ISP poll again with 94%
01 Feb 2012iinet plays Cupid by helping those looking for love onlinehtml - pdf
27 January 2012New Fibre to the Home plans match nbn
18 January 2012Dual stack IPv6 turned on for new customers
16 Jan 2012iinet research finds young adults feign IT ignorancehtml - pdf
11 January 2012FRITZ!Box rentals launched and prices cut
10 Jan 2012iinet launches workshops to help newbies discover wonders of the 'nethtml - pdf


22 Dec 2011iinet to acquire Internode, Australia's largest privately owned broadband services companyhtml - pdf
16 Dec 2011Good service is good business: iinet complaints continue to fallhtml - pdf
13 Dec 2011Get festive with fetchtv - now even better value with iinethtml - pdf
12 Dec 2011Grandma connects better with the BoBsquadTMhtml - pdf
07 Dec 2011iinet's 12 Days of Online Safety brings a safe and secure silly seasonhtml - pdf
30 Nov 2011iinet acquires TransACThtml - pdf
30 Nov 2011iinet gives SMBs a piece of the cloudhtml - pdf
29 Nov 2011iinet remains confident ahead of High Court hearinghtml - pdf
28 Nov 2011iinet and Westnet announce Margaret River relief packagehtml - pdf
28 Nov 2011Get out your cables, iinet's BoBsquad comes to the rescuehtml - pdf
28 Nov 2011Australian telecommunications industry unites on copyright protection planhtml - pdf
21 Nov 2011iinet acquires TransACT to continue building scalehtml - pdf
18 Nov 2011From garage to top gong - iinet's CEO named Entrepreneur of the Yearhtml - pdf
03 Nov 2011Global telco gets it right on copyright: iinethtml - pdf
01 Nov 2011iinet urges Australians to use protection and practice safe surfing in publichtml - pdf
27 Oct 2011iinet introduces first-ever mobile phones to SMBshtml - pdf
04 Oct 2011iinet offers a helping hand to online shoppershtml - pdf
28 Sep 2011iinet takes business voice into the cloudhtml
19 Sep 2011iinet dares to be different with simple, flexible nbn planshtml - pdf
01 Sep 2011BoB2™ sales are rental as anythinghtml - pdf
31 Aug 2011iinet primes parents in bid to combat cyber bullyinghtml - pdf
15 Aug 2011iinet delivers another year of exceptional growthhtml - pdf
12 Aug 2011An industry-wide solution will tackle illegal downloads: iinethtml - pdf
29 Jul 2011Avoid being ‘catch of the day’ with iinet’s phishing tipshtml
15 Jul 2011iinet Labs nails its first global export markethtml - pdf
08 Jul 2011iinet’s leadership recognised at industry night of nightshtml
06 Jul 2011BoB2™ is here… and we mean it this time!html - pdf
01 Jul 2011iinet spruiks the importance of passwords and PC protectionhtml - pdf
16 Jun 2011iinet celebrates its 500,000th broadband port in Gosfordhtml
03 Jun 2011Lifeline WA partners with iinet for annual fundraiserhtml - pdf
30 May 2011iinet’s Online Safety Series spreads the word on cyber securityhtml - pdf
18 May 2011iinet mainland customers go live on nbnhtml - pdf
05 May 2011House Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications’ Inquiry into the role and potential of the National Broadband Networkhtml
04 May 2011iinet’s commitment to customer service defies trendhtml
27 April 2011BoB2™ updatehtml - pdf
7 April 2011Australia’s Top geek is crownedhtml - pdf
24 Mar 2011Another Court challenge won’t stop illegal downloads iinet calls on Hollywood studios to work with industryhtml - pdf
15 Mar 2011iinet develops new framework for content provisionhtml - pdf
28 Feb 2011The iinet BoB™ is bornhtml - pdf
24 Feb 2011iinet again welcomes Federal Court Judgmenthtml - pdf
21 Feb 2011iinet delivers another strong set of resultshtml - pdf
17 Feb 2011iinet and Microsoft partner to drive adoption of virtual servershtml - pdf
04 Feb 2011Size matters at iinet - introducing the new number two campaignhtml - pdf
02 Feb 2011iinet in strong position for nbn roll-outhtml - pdf
02 Feb 2011Customers Threatened by Tropical Cyclone Yasihtml - pdf
12 Jan 2011Queensland Flood Updatehtml - pdf
07 Jan 2011Relief options for customers affected by floods in Qldhtml