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Being on our network means you're able to get Naked DSL or on-net ADSL2+ broadband. Please note this is only a preliminary service check - we’ll be able to confirm for sure as part of the application process.

Ports on our ADSL2+ broadband network are allocated on a first come first serve basis. "Limited port availability" means that your exchange is filling up fast or may currently be full. Ports free up from time to time, so check back often for an up-to-date estimate of availability.

This is a flexible schedule, as many aspects of this infrastructure rollout are outside our direct control. Often sites will be added or removed from the schedule and completion dates re-examined as new information comes to light.

Network Coverage

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The DSLAM is online and accepting new customers. Migration of existing customers onto the DSLAM will take place as soon as possible.
Construction Complete
Physical construction of our DSLAM has finished. From here, the equipment must be commissioned and thoroughly tested before activation.
In Progress
We have begun installing our DSLAM equipment into the exchange. The time taken in this phase varies depending on the conditions of the exchange, but usually takes about 6 months to complete.
Currently being investigated for a future iiNet DSLAM build. These are proposed sites only and have no estimated time for completion.

Fetch availability

Indicates if Fetch is available
Not Available
This exchange does not have enough capacity to support Fetch.